QuickRip + MRS-450M/610M

Optimizing Movable Rip Saw with 2D Image Scanning System

Main Features

  • Choice of 3-4 movable blades

  • Extra large 610mm cutting width

  • Optimizing cut function

Available Models

  • MRS-610M 50HP Motor

  • MRS-610M 60HP Motor

  • CE Model

Available Options

  • Laser Unit 15mw

  • MRS Replaceable Chain Block and Pads

  • MRS 12" Short Stock Device

  • 3m Auto MRS Infeed Table

  • 4m Auto MRS Infeed Table

Features of Quick-Rip System

  • American designed and developed scan system which has decades of experience since the first system made in 1996.

  • Worldwide success with more than 200 sets sold in the U.S.A., Europe and Asia.

  • Easy to operate, learn, update and maintain with multi-language window operating system such as English and Chinese.

  • Rip 10-12 lumbers (3.6m each) per minute. (The results may vary according to operator performance, timber length and feeding speed).

  • A 7-10% increase in yield compared to conventional multiple rip saw.

  • Uniquely designed auto skew system provides a 2~3% increase in yield compared to original fixed fence.

  • The system allows customer to do simulation based on rip width, giving the best saw width combination for material saving.

  • Provides production report, which includes yield, quantity, total length, and cubic feet, and allows user to easily manage production for inventory control and cost calculation.

  • The skew operating position is on the side of the saw and out of harm's way from kickback.

  • The system is easy to operate without need of highly skilled technician.


  • This system includes an automatic forced mechanical lubricator (right) for feed chain and a manual central lubricator (left) for movable saw mechanism.

  • The mechanical lubricator ensures proper lubrication for the caterpillar chain and rail. Lubricant flow is automatically varied with the feed speed of caterpillar chain. If the oil runs out, an alarm lamp lights up.

  • The manual central lubricator provides proper lubricant to the ball screws which ensure that all movable saws operate smoothly.


  • Hardened steel anti-kickback finger system (2 upper rows and 1 bottom row) are engineered for greater operator safety. One row of anti-backward fingers is positioned in front of first roller to prevent the wood from being pushed back during cutting.

  • A specially designed roller, located in front of the first steel anti-kickback fingers, ensures a smoother feeding.


  • The complete feed rollers are air-loaded to ensure outstanding stability during cutting and smooth feeding effect.

  • Pressure for each feed roller can be individually adjusted from the centralized pressure regulators.

  • Pressure for each feed roller is indicated by individual pressure gauge.


  • The movable sawblade units can be installed with a short-stock cutting device for cutting short or thin workpieces with greater ease and safety.

Four (4) movable and two (2) fixed blade configuration


  • Maximum stability of saw arbor is achieved through the firm support at end.


  • Ultrathin patented saw blade (2.2~2.6 mm) is able to do panel joint ripping.

  • Max. ripping speed reaches 60m/min.

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