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Optimizing Movable Rip Saw

MRS-340M / MRS-450M / MRS-610M

​Movable Rip Saw

Movable Gang Rip Saw with 2D Image Scanning System

General Features:

100% American designed and developed scan system.

Over a decade of success with more than 100 sets sold in US.

Easy to operate, learn, update and maintain with multi-language window operating system such as English and Chinese ...

Optimizing  Movable Rip Saw

Easy to Learn and Operate

The MRS-610M Optimizing Movable Rip Saw features a user-friendly industrial personal computer (IPC), controller and touch panel.

It makes it easy to configure rip sawing operations ...

Optimizing  Movable Rip Saw

Main Features:

Choice of 1-4 movable blades

Extra large 450mm cutting width

Optimizing cut function


Advanced rip saw computer control with optimizing cut function ...

ADDRESS / No.283, Sec. 2, Fengshi Rd., Fengyuan Dist., Taichung City 42081, Taiwan.

PHONE / +886-4-25226151

FAX / +886-4-25243251

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