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Cut-Off Saw

CFS-100 / CFS-200A / CFS-200AB

Cut-Off Saw Series

General Features:

Economical optimizing saw cutting.

High production.

Ideal for finger jointing (for defect) materials and mass material preparation.
Defect blowing system combined with computerized logic control permits the blowing time and the length of defect ...

Cut-Off Saw Series

General Features:

Suitable for mass production of wood preparation or finger-jointed lumber production.

Provides a high cutting accuracy at feed speed up to 150 M/min.

Using optional crabwise auto-feeding table can increase productivity by 10% ...

Cut-Off Saw Series

High Efficiency, Labor Savings, and Maximum Utilization of Material

General Features:

High cost-performance ratio full optimized cut off saws.

Grading A, B with marking line available and remainder merging function to reach timber cutting optimization.

This machine is an advanced version of CFS-200A with more robust machine structure.

ADDRESS / No.283, Sec. 2, Fengshi Rd., Fengyuan Dist., Taichung City 42081, Taiwan.

PHONE / +886-4-25226151

FAX / +886-4-25243251

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