Cut-Off Saw Series 200AB

General Features

  • High cost-performance ratio full optimized cut off saws.

  • Colored touch screen operation with icon guidance. Easy recognized and operate.

  • The cutting function includes: a. minimum waste.  b. most valuable setting.

  • Grading A, B with marking line available and remainder merging function to reach timber cutting optimization.

  • Using multiple axes controller that provides high speed calculation feature. Up to 20 sets of dimension setting available for optimized cutting.

  • Simulated learning function is available on the touch screen. Operator learning friendly.

  • Connecting with USB flash drive to output the production data to Excel file is available.

  • Connecting with USB for software upgrading and troubleshooting is available.

  • Using Mitsubishi servo motor drive feeding system that provides high speed reacting, high torque and comprehensive protecting feature.

  • Seven (7) sets top and bottom pressure roller provide the unique stability on crooked timbers cutting.

  • (Optional) Servo motor drive cutting is available. Provide high efficiency and no compressed air consumption compare to the pneumatic cutting.

Mitsubishi high quality servo motor and driver features precise calculations and high efficiency.

5 in-feeding rollers and 2 out-feeding rollers ensure high stability and cutting accuracy for long or heavy lumber.

 For thin-material (under 5mm). (Optional)

Auto Cross-Feeding Table (Optional)


1. The operator can put in material with ease.

2. Increase yield by 10~15%.

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