Cut-Off Saw Series 200A


  1. Ideal for finger jointing (for defect) materials and mass material preparation.

  2. Provides 3 ~ 5 times higher production rate than manual cut-off saws. Saves over 5% of wood materials.

  3. Comprehensive safety guards for maximum operator protection.

  4. High cutting accuracy within ±1mm.

  5. The control employs a touch screen for easy learning and operation.

General Features

  • Suitable for mass production of wood preparation or
    finger-jointed lumber production.

  • Heavy duty type semi-optimizing cut-off saw.

  • Using optional crabwise auto-feeding table can increase productivity by 10%.

  • Suitable for processing long or heavy lumber.

  • Adopt Mitsubishi servo motor and driver, providing high torque and high stability.

  • An economical approach to CNC cutting !

  • High production! User-friendly operation !

  • Provides a high cutting accuracy at feed speed up to 150 M/min.

Saw Cutting Modes

  • Fixed length cutting mode

  • Sequential cutting mode
    (memory stores 10 sets of cutting sizes)

  • Marking lines cutting with double end trimming

  • Marking lines cutting and fixed length

Touch-screen & graphical interface. Easy for learning and operating.

Mitsubishi high quality servo motor and driver features precise calculations and high efficiency.

5 in-feeding rollers and 2 out-feeding rollers ensure high stability and cutting accuracy for long or heavy lumber.

 For thin-material (under 5mm). (Optional)

Auto Cross-Feeding Table (Optional)

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