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Cut-Off Saw Series 100

Cut-Off Saw


  1. Maximum feed speed is up to 80m/min.

  2. Cutting rate up to 80 cuts per minute.

  3. High cutting accuracy within ±1mm.

  4. The control employs a touch screen for easy learning and operation.

  5. All new machine design features maximum maintenance convenience.

  6. High quality electric parts provide maximum dependability.

General Features

  • Economical optimizing saw cutting.

  • High production.

  • Ideal for finger jointing (for defect) materials and mass material preparation.

  • Provides 3~5 times higher production rate than manual cut-off saws.
    Saves over 5% of wood materials.

  • Comprehensive safety guards for maximum operator protection.

  • Compact and user-friendly design.

  • The controller adopts an industrial-grade computer that employs a 32-bit floating-point DSP system. It features flash and battery backup SRAM for double security. Superior to conventional PC-based controls, it can fully eliminate the machine going down or being damaged due to a poor environment, such as, unstable voltage, high temperature, sawdust, etc.

  • Defect blowing system combined with computerized logic control permits the blowing time and the length of defect to be set as desired. This feature provides efficient defect removal, which avoids defects bumping against the saw blade, resulting in the machine going down or saw blade damage.

  • The computer control provides easy and fast maintenance.

  • Feed is driven by a servomotor for fast and accurate motions.

Saw Cutting Modes

  • Fix length of cutting mode.

  • Sequential cutting mode.
    *10 sets of cutting sizes memory (for sequential cutting mode only).

  • Marking lines cutting with double end trimming.    

  • Marking lines cutting mode and fixed length cutting mode.

This function can do the following jobs simultaneously:

  1. Defect.

  2. Cut the fixed size (A).

  3. Cut Finger jointing size without lost (A+X).

CE Model Available Options

  • Infeed Table (Auto Cross-Moving)

  • 2m Infeed Table (Free Roller)

  • Infeed Table (Powered Roller)

  • Infeed Table (Powered Belt)

  • 1m Outfeed Table (Flat Plate)

  • Added Pressure Roller for Infeed

  • 3m Outfeed Table (Cross Moving)

  • Smooth Infeed System

  • Side Pressure Device

  • Thin Material Device

  • Crayon for Wood Marking

​Touch-screen & graphical interface. Easy for learning and operating.

Touch-screen & graphical interface. Easy for learning and operating.

 TECO high quality servo motor and driver features precise calculations and high efficiency.

5 in-feeding rollers and 2 out-feeding rollers ensure high stability and cutting accuracy for long or heavy lumber.

For thin-material (2mm). (Optional)

 For thin-material (under 5mm). (Optional)

Auto Cross-Feeding Table (Optional)

Auto Cross-Feeding Table (Optional)

ADDRESS / No.283, Sec. 2, Fengshi Rd., Fengyuan Dist., Taichung City 42081, Taiwan.

PHONE / +886-4-25226151

FAX / +886-4-25243251

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