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Cut-Off Saw Series 200B

General Features

  1. The cut-off saw employs a high speed computer control system that supplies accurate reports, allowing you to control your costs with ease.

  2. High-speed feed rate of up to 200m/minute.

  3. Maximum cut cycle of 180 cuts per minute.


  • The CFS-200B is a computerized cut-off saw that produces maximum material utilization through computer program operation (calculation).

  • User-friendly program features icons that make it easy to operate each function.

  • Stores in memory different work sheets pertaining to different customers and various kinds of wood. Easy to do additions and revisions.

  • The computer calculates the percentage of effective wood, consumptive wood and waste, and sums up the cubic feet of wood. All data displays on the screen.

  • Program runs in Microsoft Windows.

  • The optional sorting system effectively sorts out the wood lengths.

  • The sorting system can be configured with the number of pushers to meet your needs. Also, various lengths of outfeed mechanism are available for order.

  • Employs a Mitsubishi servo motor which features compact construction, high-speed response capability, high torque and comprehensive protection features.

  • The tilted conveyor ensures workpieces feed in straight and against the fence, preventing the workpiece from entering skewed.

  • An operator can mark wood defects with a special crayon, so the saw will automatically cut out wood defects.

CE Model Available Options

  • Added Pressure Roller for Infeed

  • Thin Material Device

  • Crayon for Wood Marking

  • Kicker

Mitsubishi high quality servo motor and driver features precise calculations and high efficiency.

5 in-feeding rollers and 2 out-feeding rollers ensure high stability and cutting accuracy for long or heavy lumber.

For thin-material (2mm). (Optional)

Auto Cross-Feeding Table (Optional)


1. The operator can put in material with ease.

2. Increase yield by 10~15%.

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